Our Approach

Our Approach

We utilize evidence based programming to provide services in the mental health domain.  Our focus is on addiction and relationship health.  Since addiction is fraught with isolation, we help people connect with others by focusing on emotions.  This helps people leave the cave and join the village.  In this manner, we can help in other relationship areas as well.

Our Story

Our Story

This business started with meeting one client, one town away, one night a week and has been built to a multi-group practice with a team of dedicated members.

A dream of one day having a one couch office has grown beyond what imagination could bring.  If we only get what we dream we would never receive all that life has to offer.

Meet the Team

We want you to know who is on our direct service team and put a name with a face.
Why? Because what we've found is people want to know who they're working with. It's a human thing.


Carlos Ramirez

Founder & CEO

Entreprenuer and financial advisor with a heart for social service.


Dos Avina

Intern - Service Coordinator - Facilitator

Bicultural, bilingual team member who has a sharp eye for style.

Next Steps...

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