Recovery is physics

People want to know how something works before they try it. So, in order to simplify the experience of recovery and addiction, we turn to a common foundation – PHYSICS! While this might seem a little heady or even counter-intuitive, it might be helpful to read on to see what we mean.

Laws of energy – Thermodynamics

Whoa, slow down! While it may seem complicated, there are some basic laws of thermodynamics (thermo – heat, dynamics – motion) and to better understand them, we can call them laws of fire (or energy). While there are more than one of these laws, we are focusing on the second law here: In a closed system, entropy cannot decrease. Ok, so let’s break that down so it’s easier to see what we are talking about. The science behind these laws of fire has real world application and can foster powerful insight.

Closed system

So, we start off with a closed system. The understanding here is that an individual is a system (and really works within other systems – whole different topic). As this system interacts it can close off and only interact in isolation if it chooses to. This is the closed system. Wait, some may say, I have lots of people I interact with. Good deal, so the next section may help us understand what we close off to.


Simply stated, entropy is chaos. So, when we look at how we interact with others, we can identify if there is order and structure with happy healthy results of abundance or if there is chaos and disorder that results in despair or deprivation. Asking ourselves to distinguish the two based on our own understanding and without support is the definition of a closed system.

Cannot decrease

Not only does entropy or chaos not decrease in a closed system, it actually increases or progresses. This is why there are sometimes moments of clarity where we can see the disparaging contrast between the life we are living and the idea that there is another way to live.

What does this mean

The closed system has to do with closing off the system to the flow of energy or fire. How some people refer to passion as a fire in the soul, this is the idea of thermodynamics and connecting with people opens the flow of energy to abundance. This is why honest sharing in recovery meetings, counseling, and fellowship with others in recovery helps peoples because it opens the system to the flow of positive energy.

Carlos Ramirez – Founder and CEO –