Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Our most well renowned service is our substance use disorder treatment.  Our team specialized in treating substance use from a circle of influence approach.  Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future.

Relationship Education

We provide relationship education from Battery Intervention Programming and Anger Communication Curriculum, to our intimate partnership material Together We Stand for relationship education.  We are certified and uniquely qualified to provide these services to help those who want it.

Friends and Family

For those watching a loved one wither away in the horrors of addiction or even dealing with the culture shock of someone close to them entering recovery, this material helps people develop tools and abilities to help the ones they love the most by working on the self.


Finances are a big part of healthy living

We are here to help and encourage people to be fully self-supporting as to affirm dignity and self-esteem.  There are budgeting sessions and lessons available to help prepare people for succeeding with their income as a critical component of their recovery.

This is collaborative effort.

As a team, it is important we work together and reason things out.  We are dedicated to providing services we'd be proud to refer our family and friends to.  Please feel free to offer questions or suggestions on how we might better serve those looking for help.


Next Steps...

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